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Consulting Aviation Services

If you’re an aircraft operator/lessor in Europe and you need any professional assistance with your business get in contact with AirflyTech. We are offering a number of consultancy services drawn from over 25 years of experience in the industry. We are experts on a wide range of aircraft management and technical support services tailored to your individual needs, aimed all our services to be delivered constantly to the highest possible standards of transparency, accountability and integrity and building honest and personal relationship with our client. 

If you are interested in our Consulting Services, please Contact us.


  • Provide your lessee, your lessor or any other party with a detailed and thorough inspection of the aircraft. This inspection is valid for the purpose of leasing, selling or simply showing the condition of your aircraft and its documentation. (pre buy inspection)’’

  • Maintenance GTA’s review

  • EOL Agreements Technical review

  • MRO’s Heavy Maintenance Invoices review

  • Maintenance Contract review, evaluation and management

  • Advising national Civil Aviation Authority on aircraft registration and EASA and/or FAA compliance issues

  • Fleet Analysis and Planning Consulting

  • Planning of Maintenance and Repair Organization (MRO)

  • Study of European business aircraft charter market

Airline companies supports

  • Airline Operational set-up according to the applicable legislation-regulations

  • Acquisitions and mergers of aviation related companies

  • Business and strategic development planning to existing companies, aiming to increase their profitability and reduce costs

Support Lessor and leases during
the A/C pre-buy, transitions with:

  • Airworthiness Management of aircraft by managing the airworthiness of an aircraft fleet and business and is assured the compliance and retainment under the AOC (Air Operator Certificate)

  • Import / Export Management; inspection and expertise for Export Certificate (CofA)

  • Pre-purchase & mid-lease Inspection

  • Assistance with the purchase and sale of an aircraft

  • A/C Delivery or Transition including final inspection and approval including Import Management with providing knowledgeable counsel and representation to owners and operators of private and corporate aircraft whether you are buying, selling or exchanging aircraft ensuring compliance against delivery/return lease conditions providing its expertise required during import/export certification

  • A/C Physical Inspection

  • Inspection and expertise for Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC)

  • Physical/remote audit records

  • Records scanning upon request and appropriate storage facilities for operator/lessors asset hard copy historical records

  • Support with the start-up and the operation of CAMO/AOC for commercial and private operations

  • Aircraft Registration; Airworthiness review recommendation

  • External audit services

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