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AirFlyTech is an approved EASA Part-145 organization, with license number EL.145.0080. As an organization providing technical support for different types of aircraft, AirFlyTech  is able to carry out maintenance work for approved air operators.

Our engineering expertise and experience enable us to perform maintenance services at the highest quality fully customized to fit the specific needs of our clients. 
AirFlyTech base is at Heraklion International Airport (LGIR), but we may serve our customers across extensive network of Line Maintenance support.

AirFlyTech Part-145 Services include the following:

Routine Services

  • Maintenance for technical manuals, handbooks, catalogues, and other operational documents connected with performance of the services.

  • Line inspections in accordance with your current instructions.

  • Enter in the aircraft log(s) and sign for the performance of line inspection.

  • Enter remarks in aircraft log(s) regarding defects observed during the inspection.

  • Provide personnel to assist the flight crew or ground staff in the performance of their tasks.

Non-routine Services

  • Rectify defects entered in the aircraft log as reported by the crew or revealed during the inspection, to the extent requested. However, major repairs must be separately agreed.

  • Enter in aircraft log(s) and sign for the action taken.

  • Report technical irregularities and actions taken to the Carrier’s maintenance base.

  • Provide and arrange for maintenance facilities, tools and special equipment to the extent available.

  • Move aircraft under its own power

Material Handling

  • Obtain customs clearance to administer any spare parts and/or equipment.

  • Provide periodic inspection of your spare parts equipment.

  • Provide storage space for the spare parts and/or equipment.

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